El Al has been awarded the “Supported Finance Deal of the Year” award by Airline Economics magazine, chosen by the world’s leading aviation companies. The distinguished award was presented to representatives of El Al at the leading annual Dublin Aircraft Finance Conference, for the financing deal of $145 million signed in June 2019 to purchase the company’s 10th Dreamliner 787-9 aircraft as part of the company’s goal to replace its fleet with 16 new and advanced Dreamliners. The uniqueness of the financing deal comes from the fact that it first incorporated a JOLCO financing deal with AFIC insurance backing, which was first issued by a Japanese insurance body. Deganit Pelti, CFO of El Al; Yankela Shahar, Company Treasurer; Sigal Jacoby, Deputy Company Treasurer; and Attorney Eliyahu Frankel, Deputy Director of the Company’s Bureau, received the honorable award from the magazine’s representatives at an impressive ceremony during the conference attended by the leading aircraft financing companies in the world (banks, leasing companies and investment houses).