The Emirates airline concludes this week one year of its operations in Israel. Since its maiden flight landed in Tel Aviv on June 23, 2022, Emirates has ramped up operations at an almost unprecedented pace and is marking its first anniversary with three daily flights, powered by exceptional and consistent customer demand.

In the past year, Emirates flew over 300,000 passengers from and to Tel Aviv, and Dubai was named the most popular destination among Israelis. The new flight frequency provides access to a huge variety of 140 destinations around the world, allows perfect convenience in scheduling connecting flights to long-haul destinations, such as Australia, the Philippines and Vietnam, and connects some of the world’s largest Jewish communities. Emirates recorded a great demand for flights to Thailand, Japan and the Maldives, when Israeli travelers opened up new possibilities to explore the world. Almost 45,000 Israelis have signed up for Emirates’ Skywards loyalty program, which makes every vacation more rewarding with exclusive benefits and experiences.

To help stimulate demand for flights to Israel, Emirates has promoted a number of initiatives to drive international tourism to Tel Aviv and Israel across its global network. For example, in collaboration with the Israeli authorities, Emirates hosted dedicated workshops at Emirates World, its commercial activity center in Dubai, which stimulated awareness and demand for flights to Israel. Over the past year, Emirates has seen high demand for inbound tourism to Israel from Australia, Brazil, Argentina, the Philippines and South Africa.

Emirates has three daily flights on the route to Tel Aviv offer 14,700 seats per week. In addition to a full passenger load, the plane has a maximum capacity of up to 20 tons per flight on a Boeing 777-300ER used to export goods made in Israel to the United Arab Emirates and many other countries in the world.