22 members of the media will visit the many attractions the city has to offer: restaurants, nightlife, desert trips, cruises, the dolphin reef, the underwater observatory and more, and will exopose the city to millions of Europeans

The mayor of Eilat, Eli Lankri: “We are prepared for the continued increase in tourist traffic to Eilat and are happy to host with us leaders of public opinion who will reveal the beauty secrets kept in Eilat and make them accessible to the world”.

The members of the media come from Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Poland and they will stay in Israel for 5 days, during which they will visit a variety of activities and attractions, in order to get to know the city and its uniqueness in depth and reveal its beautiful sides to tourists from around the world.

Their visit to Israel is an initiative of the Eilat Tourism Corporation in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and the Eilat Hotel Association. During the visit, they will spend time on the city’s beaches, in restaurants and bars, in the bird park and on a ranger trip in the desert, go sailing in the sea and do yoga on the beach, and of course visit the dolphin reef and the underwater observatory. They will also visit Timna Park and the Southern Arava and review the two international sports events, the International Desert Marathon and the International Grand Fondo Tour Eilat.