The report of the National Aviation Agency shows that in the month of July, Israir flew 135,625 passengers, which constituted 5.32% of all passengers in the National Aviation Agency. As a result of the aforementioned figure, Israir was ranked third in terms of the scope of operations in Israel, compared to the fifth place it was ranked in June. Israir’s figure represents an increase of about 28.25% compared to the company’s figure from July of last year, when the company flew 105,749 passengers.

Israir is expected to receive two Airbus A320 aircraft into its fleet that will help the company to expand the offer of seats on flights to various destinations. Including the two new planes expected to be received in 2024, Israir will operate 11 planes.

In doing so, Israir overtook Turkish Airlines (135,348 passengers) and Ryanair (130,024), which entered the fourth and fifth places. As in previous months, the top of the table of the most active company in the airport was occupied by El Al with 578,726 passengers and a 22.73% market share, followed by Wizz Air with 235,250 passengers and 9.24% of the activity in the airport.

Turkey continues to maintain its position as the country with the most passengers – 335,781 passengers and 13.19% of all traffic, followed by Greece with a record number of 281,719 passengers and 11.06% of the activity in the field. After them came the USA with 211,160 passengers and 8.29% of the activity in the field.