The Israir airline announced today that starting November 1st, 2022, it will operate direct flights to a new destination, Yerevan, the capital of Armenia located in the Caucasus region.

This is the first time that Israir operates flights to the international airport of Armenia, located 12 kilometers from Yerevan, the flight duration is about 2.5 hours.

Israir will operate a weekly flight every Tuesday. The price per flight ticket Starting at 436 USD.

Armenia is considered one of the countries with a wide variety of landscapes, jeep trips in the mountains, forests and unique nature reserves, historical sites and picturesque villages. Yerevan, the capital of Armenia is an ancient city from the 19th century located along the Hrazdan River, in the 2000s a new and modern construction began in the city and it offers luxury hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs and nightclubs that are open until the wee hours of the night, the Swan Lake near the Opera House is one From the big nightlife areas of the city with hundreds of cafes and bars, alongside a rich culture, many museums and architectural buildings.

Hila Hermolin Ronan, Vice President of Marketing and Sales of the Israir Group: “The percentage of Israelis going on vacation abroad is increasing, we expect that the number of passengers will grow by at least 15%, and this is due to the addition of direct flights to new destinations, especially in the near term of up to 3 hours of flight, such as Armenia. Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, has flourished in the last decade and has high-class hotels, a rich cultural life, and is also a destination for hiking in the mountains, along with entertainment and nightlife”.