Israir is currently preparing to switch to a fleet of Airbus 320 aircraft only. The company signed a memorandum of understanding for the sale of 2 ATR aircraft in its possession at a price of approximately 10 million USD. Towards the end of December, the company will receive a sixth Airbus 320 plane on lease that includes 180 seats and will be operated by a full team of company pilots and flight attendants.

This is another significant step by the company, when the domestic flights to Eilat will be made only with wide-body planes, and thus the company will improve the profitability of the line to Eilat. Israir plans to add about 30 more flights to Eilat from mid-January. This step also comes to satisfy the growing demand for international flights and new destinations that will be opened for the 2023 season.

Hila Hermolin-Ronen, Israir’s VP of Marketing and Sales, said: “Israir is constantly working to improve the product, the service and the optimization of the processes. The sale of the ATR and the reception of the sixth Airbus aircraft in number will result in the company’s aircraft fleet being uniform and of an improved standard, the company’s ATR pilots will be retrained to fly Airbus 320 aircraft. This strategic change will also result in the streamlining and improvement of the service and aviation product for passengers”.