Korean Air, which stopped its flights to Israel due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, will operate three weekly flights on the route.

The Israeli Tourism Ministry noted that South Korea is an important market for incoming tourism to Israel, in part due to its large Christian market.

In 2019 before the pandemic, about 60,000 tourists arrived in Israel from Korea and that number is expected to grow with the renewal of the direct air route, the ministry said.

Tourism Minister Yoel Razvozov spoke with the Korean ambassador to Israel, Su Dong-gu, and congratulated him on the decision that will strengthen relations between the countries.

Tourism Minister Razvozov: “We continue to market Israel by opening air routes from new destinations to Israel and through many other ways. This is how we increase tourism, this is how we lower prices, and this is how we connect Israel to the world. Tourism entering Israel has a large economic contribution and an equally important informative contribution. Our goal is to meet the goal I set: 10 million tourists a year by 2030.”