Breakfast buffets are as synonymous to Israel as bread is to butter, with Middle Eastern salads, cheeses and spreads consumed in their abundance. Having feasted on more than a few Israeli breakfasts, I was intrigued as to why those offered at 65 Hotel and Market House Hotel, two Atlas Hotels properties, have grown to their status of acclaim. I had to get in line and taste for myself.

In case 65 Hotel’s choice of chopped salads, sliced cheeses, succulent spreads, grilled antipasti, pickled fish and homemade pastry treats didn’t quite fill a gap, Chef Orel Kimchi goes one step further. “We implemented a make your own sabich sandwich bar, which allows diners to fill a pita with a selection of chopped boiled eggs, fried eggplant and creamy spreads,” explains the sales and marketing director of Atlas Hotels, Uri Kronkop. “Orel is such a talented chef and his passion for creating unique and tasty cuisine is evident in everything he presents.”

The beetroot carpaccio is particularly exceptional. The thin beetroot slices cut with ease, a pleasing sweet and savory blend with a presentation fit to grace the tables of any quality restaurant. The tabbouleh, infused with sliced almonds, is equally as delightful, a satisfying combination of textures. An à la carte menu lists the made-to-order options – eggs – scrambled, fried, or baked in a traditional shakshuka, and brioche French toast with fruity condiments.

Those like me, whose sweet tooth may get the better of them, will be enticed by the lineup of flavored halvas (Middle-Eastern sweet), pastries, fruity jams and fruit salad for the taking; not to mention the plates of mini cakes, a marble loaf and, to quench your thirst, a rainbow of freshly bottled juices. “It’s this attention to detail and scope of our offerings that maintain our popularity among tourists and locals,” says Kronkop.

I find myself, on another morning, sitting in Market House’s stunning urbanesque dining room, a plate before me brimming with colors and scents that leave my mouth watering. At the buffet stations, diners can select from many small plates boasting rich flavors, befitting a boutique property of its nature. “Many of the dishes at Market House are inspired by the traditional cuisines of the Bulgarian community in Jaffa, incorporating bourekas, hummus plates and salads infused with bulgur wheat, chickpeas, beetroot chunks and masterful seasoning,” says hotel General Manager Avi Cohen. “Provisions such as these heighten the authenticity of our Israeli breakfast and hotel concept, and allows us to differentiate.”

As my last bite is demolished and my plate is licked clean, I fantasize about my return to the buffet tables, where so many tastes remain unsampled. My advice to you, whether you decide to eat breakfast at 65 Hotel or Market House – come hungry.

Breakfast is served daily, Friday and Saturday until 2pm.