The Dead Sea Daniel Hotel, part of the Tamares chain, is launching the “La Veranda” (“the terrace” in Italian). The hotel’s new catering complex, located on an indoor terrace with an innovative urban flavor, allows outdoor seating throughout the year. The dining area is new and exclusive, combining an urban and innovative fragrance. The new complex is designed to accommodate 180 guests, where hotel guests and outside guests can enjoy a sumptuous breakfast or a romantic candlelit dinner, with views of the pool and the Dead Sea area. In addition, the new complex offers outdoor seating throughout the year, thanks to a unique retractable roof that allows various options according to the weather, seasons and Jewish holidays.

In order to improve the service and culinary experience of the hotel’s guests, the hotel launched the new 230 square meter facility, in which NIS 1.5 million was invested, with a warm, inviting walnut wood floor, creating a lovely atmosphere already from the entrance. The complex includes glass windows (Belgian) leading to the pool, providing a view for the diners. Breakfast and dinner are offered in a number of buffets in different styles, offering a wide range suitable for all audiences.

“La Veranda” will be the main culinary complex of the Daniel Hotel, which is located in the area of ​​Ein Bokek. The hotel has 302 luxurious rooms, 12 of which are suites. The rooms and suites are decorated in a contemporary style and offer views of the desert and the magnificent view of the Dead Sea against the backdrop of the Moab Mountains.

Price for outside guests: 160 NIS per person during the week, and 180 NIS per person during the weekend (by appointment).

Opening hours: 18:00-21:00 every day of the week.