Kfar Maccabiah Hotel Reopens its Seminar Building
Kfar Maccabiah Hotel has reopened its Seminar Building, after a year of renovation works. Containing 13 rooms across three floors, the building is utilized for business conferences, company meetings and training events, and forms a section of the Convention & Events Center spaces within the hotel’s grounds. Each room is equipped with multi-media technology, a large television screen, surround sound and smart lighting, all operated by a central control.

“We have been operating at full capacity since reopening, and we have also been seeing a lot of larger conferences splitting into sub groups, in order to utilize the space,” says Sales & Marketing Manager for the Convention & Events Center Idit Cohen. Each room, which can occupy between 10-80 people, can be set up in various layouts, to accommodate the individual needs of companies. The center also has two cafes providing refreshments, with restaurant-style catering available from the food and beverage division of the hotel. “Rooms are airy, bright and all have views overlooking the nature outdoors, which injects soul into the building,” outlines Cohen. “It really is one of the country’s most special places in which to conduct business.”

Hotel Renovations
The hotel is divided into two wings, comprising 150 suites and 120 standard rooms, with ongoing renovations taking place to a number of standard rooms, to introduce new wooden flooring, furniture and other upgrades.