A new 22 room hotel has opened in Jerusalem on Heleni-ha Malka St. “It was a place once frequented by Russian pilgrims around 130 years ago, in search of gifts,” says its owner, hotel General Manager Yoram Malka, who purchased the property four years ago. “I had just moved back from South Africa and began renovations on the hotel, and the name seemed fitting, given its location and my surname.” Double, twin and deluxe rooms, half of which feature balconies, are located over two floors and range from 16m² to 25m². Each is encased in Jerusalem stone, including the bathrooms. “This gives a historical inkling as to what the city was like over 100 years ago,” says Malka. The furnishings are all Israeli, as is the artwork, some of which was designed by Malka himself.

“We also have an underground bar that features 200kg restored street doors, for an authentic atmosphere,” says Malka. “It took over a month of continual digging into what was a water well in order to create this intimate space.” Since opening in March, the hotel’s occupancy has sat at 70%. “Already, we are experiencing a high rating on Booking.com and we plan to increase our online presence in the months to come.” Bookings are on a room-only basis, and a nearby hall, accommodating up to 100 people, is available for guests to secure for events.