Mamesh hotels, owned by entrepreneur Shalom Sheetrit, continues to expand and has now opened the boutique hotel “Villa Gan” on Zionist Avenue in Haifa. The hotel is housed in a 100-year-old historic building that used to be a hospital set up by a German Jewish aid company. The building has undergone a complete and meticulous renovation of the historic space, reconstructed and designed in accordance with the period in which it was built, with a lot of love and thought, and its facades remain preserved as they were. The hotel is centrally located, in the center of the Bahai Gardens, and can be reached on foot from this point to the German Colony (Ben Gurion Boulevard).
The hotel is spread over two buildings, a total of 16 rooms of different sizes, with a pastoral courtyard and garden, which can be accessed from some of the rooms, just a stone’s throw from the Bahai Gardens. Also, at the entrance there is a large lobby with alternative seating areas, which was built with the ability to transform into a venue for a cultural event and a meeting place, as well as a conference and events center for both hotel and outside guests. It is equipped with all the necessary equipment, including a stage, screen and amplification system that is also suitable for meetings and conferences.

The Villa Gan Hotel will be managed in conjunction with the Villa Carmel Hotel, the boutique hotel that has been owned by the company for about a decade, in Carmel, and will enter under the boutique hotel category of the company.

According to Sheetrit, “The outstanding advantage of the Villa Gan Hotel is its proximity to major attractions in Haifa and the holy place of the Bahai religion, right at the entrance to the Bahai Gardens, and is expected to be a mainstay for tourists and business people in Haifa. We intend to create interest around the hotels, so people who come to the hostel will be able to discover content beyond just the accommodation. We will organize tours that will form part of the hotel’s hospitality package, with the aim of bringing people together to see the person at the center, regardless of religion, race and gender, in the Baha’i spirit.”

“We are becoming the largest hotel chain in the north. Hotels in the north are faced with a significant challenge, as they are without a hotel in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or the classic tourist areas,” Sheetrit added.

The Villa Gan Hotel, as mentioned, joins the Carmel Boutique Hotel, located in Carmel in Haifa, and the “Kedem” Health and Spa Hotel (61 rooms), located on the southern slopes of the Carmel Forest, which was launched this year and which is also owned by the company. The company is also building the “Moshava” hotel (165 rooms) in the German Colony in Haifa and is expected to be ready this year.