The Moshava Gardens hotel, owned by entrepreneur Shalom Shitrit of real estate company Shitrit Ltd., is being built in the German Colony of Haifa on Ben Gurion Blvd., opposite the Baha’i Gardens. The 160 room property will cost ILS 120 million (around $34 million) to construct and is expected to complete work in 2019. A number of the rooms will be sea facing suites, and the hotel will offer a spa, conference center and car park with 200 spaces for guests.

Furthermore, the company is building two more hotels in the city, adding a total of 500 rooms to the existing 1,400 in Haifa. The Villa Forest Hotel, located on the slopes of Carmel, will account for 84 rooms, whilst a 234 room property, established alongside Haim and Shalom Properties and Maintenance Ltd., will be located within a new 16-story residential compound on Yefe Nof Street, combined with two commercial and four residential floors.

Shalom Shitrit said: “We intend to build something new and different that will bring a fresh fragrance to the city, and will add another 160 rooms that are so needed in the city of Haifa. If we want a leapfrog in tourism in the city, it is necessary to build large hotels and not just small boutique hotels that have been built in recent years.”