The Shatit group, owned by entrepreneur and businessman Shalom Shitrit, opened the “Kedem Hotel” in Tirat Hacarmel (the slopes of the Carmel Forest) in June. The Kedem Hotel is nature-friendly and combines the surrounding environment as an integral part of the unique vacation experience it offers its guests. The hotel has a wide range of facilities and services, all of which are rooted in health, relaxation and pampering. The hotel can serve as a magnet for health tourists, with an emphasis on providing “a home for body and soul.” It is an intimate and quiet hotel, in order to provide the peace and tranquility that guests yearn for. For this reason, the hotel is suitable for children only aged 12 and older. The hotel offers dozens of types of guest rooms and operates throughout the year. During the summer it functions as a summer resort hotel and in winter it functions as an intimate and pampering hotel with a picturesque romantic atmosphere. The hotel is a tourist resort and designed as an ecological hotel overlooking the Carmel Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. The main wing, with an area of ​​4,000 square meters includes a dining room serving a unique dairy menu (including fish), lobby, reception desk, bar, small pool, spa facilities, treatment rooms, gym and 61 guest rooms and suites. The hotel operates a spa and treatment rooms along with body and soul workshops such as yoga and meditation, detox, breathing workshops and more. On the spa floor, a dry sauna, a wet sauna and a Turkish hammam are available for guests who can choose from three different tracks of accommodation, depending on what they desire.