More boutique hotels are opening in Tel Aviv, catering to that different type of traveler who seeks an experience beyond what the big hotels have to offer. As explained on the hotel’s website, “Experience the true essence of Tel Aviv in the center of the city. Nestled among Tel Aviv’s historic buildings and buzzing neighborhoods, the hotel is just steps away from the city’s most sought-after attractions: the bustling Carmel Market, scenic Rothschild Boulevard, bright Mediterranean beaches, and more. Saul’s industrial yet homey design concept combines classic and contemporary motifs – a nod to Tel Aviv’s incomparably eclectic vibe. At Saul, as in Tel Aviv, East meets West, old meets new, and hospitality is always from the heart.

Saul’s 34 rooms feature high ceilings and sleek, modern design. Steel and exposed concrete are juxtaposed with walnut furnishings and restored street lamps to create an eye catching, contemporary feel that captures Tel Aviv’s unique interplay of old and new, of luxury and grit. Guestrooms are outfitted with hand-woven Turkish linens atop the highest quality mattresses, and all rooms have been acoustically engineered to ensure uninterrupted sleep. Pamper yourself with an aromatic and delicious Nespresso and with Saul’s signature line of artisan toiletries by Maapilim. Veg out in front of Saul’s LCD HD TVs, complete with all-you-can-watch Netflix. We’ll even bring you a bucket of popcorn!”