Elections to the office of Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association will be held this Wednesday. The general meeting of the bureau will be held to vote for a chairman of the association, new appointees and budget approvals for the coming period will also be chosen.

The senior officials of Israel’s tourism industry are going to elect the chairman of the Association at a general meeting next week, they will present candidates for the elections, the report of the chairman of the bureau and the management, the report of the chairman of the audit committee will be heard, and financial reports will be approved.

The candidate for chairman of the Association management is Lior Gelfand – CEO of Ortra.

Candidates for board members (of which eight will be chosen): Uri Avrouskine – Sar-El Tours Travel and Conferences, Carlos Arlowski – Keli Tours, Noam Eshed – CTO, Asaf Ben Ari – Bein Harim Tourism, Eran Benkel – G2 Travel, Ofer Heilig – Nufar Tours, Eyal Halevy – Paragon, Alon Siedner – Travex, Lior Mahtabi – IGT, Oni Amiel – Amiel, Shaanan Kraus – Isram Israel, Israel Rodrigue – Ofakim, Joel Sagi – Monarch Israel.

Audit committee candidates – Nathalie Obrat – Obrat Tours, Kfir Schwartz – Ahalan Olympus, Rafi Shelef – Rafi Shelef Tourism International