At the hotel association council meeting held at the end of May 2023 at the “Dan Panorama” hotel in Tel Aviv, Avia Magen – CEO of the Fattal chain, was elected to the position of vice president of the Israel Hotel Association.

Avia Magen will replace Sylvie Cohen-Gabay, VP of the “Isrotel” chain, who retired from this position about a year ago. The presidency of the association is headed by President Eli Cohen and two representatives of individual hotels, and two representatives of chains serve in it. The presidency of the hotel association is the body that outlines the policy of the association.

The association’s council also approved the appointment of Anat Starik-Dahan, the deputy general manager of the “Setai, Herbert Samuel and Orchid” chain, to the position of chairman of the association’s marketing committee.

Starik-Dahan returns to her position as the chairman of a marketing committee focused on promoting tourism to and in Israel.

Also, Aharon Samuel, CEO of the “Ganei-Yam” hotel in Jerusalem and Yair Peled, CEO of the “Shalom” hotel in Jerusalem, were elected to serve as members of the Association Council.

Photo: Cadya Levy