As part of the works to widen road 437, which is between the settlement ‘Adam’ and Kfar Hizma, the remains of ancient quarries and even a center for the production of stone tools that were used during the time of the Second Temple were discovered by the archeology staff unit of the Civil Administration.

Due to the fact that during the Second Temple period it was customary to use tools made of stone, stone tools were discovered and are being discovered at almost every site in various forms – cups, bowls, trays and other various tools that are carefully designed and stylized.

In the excavation managed by officials from the headquarters officer’s unit for archeology in the civil administration, remains were uncovered not only of tools, but of an entire production center which includes several quarries adjacent to each other.

About 30 years ago, another stone tool production center was uncovered by the archeology headquarters officer’s unit, it is also located near the village of Hizma, the commonality of the two centers is that they both show that apparently, this area served as a center for the mining, production and distribution of stone tools to Jerusalem and its surroundings.

The staff officer for archeology in the Civil Administration, Bnei Har-Evan: “The Civil Administration will continue to work day and night for the preservation of the archaeological sites and finds in Judea and Samaria, which are part of the treasures and culture of the region. It is a great privilege to carry out the excavations and discover an ancient and rich world under the soil of the space. We are all getting to know and glimpse a life full of culture and prestige that the space has known throughout the generations thanks to these extraordinary discoveries”.