As part of efforts to improve and upgrade accessibility at the port of Caesarea, which is in the northern part of the national park, the Caesarea Development Company last night launched the “Right Hear” app on the site, which allows the blind to enjoy a variety of attractions.

There are more than 25,000 blind people in Israel and another 200,000 who suffer from visual impairments, who do not receive quality visiting experiences in many public places. The innovative “Right Hear” app is actually a navigation system for increasing orientation and guidance. It has been specially adapted for visitors to the port of Caesarea, which has activity and interest as a leading tourist site in Israel.

The app allows access to the various attractions for the blind and visually impaired and people with visual impairments, with information available and accurate at a variety of points of interest throughout the port. The smart navigation system allows people with disabilities to travel more independently and safely without the need for explanations and / or guidance from another person – thus gaining a tour of complete independence that enriches the experience of visiting the antiquities: harbor vaults, visitor center, temple, monumental stairs, harbor observation The ancient and more.

Michael Crescenti, CEO of Caesarea Development and Asset Companies, says: “The project is another tier of commitment and policy we have taken on the companies’ activities, and it is a move that will strengthen equality and consideration in general – and those with special needs in particular”.

Lior Priti, VP of Trade and Tourism Development at the Caesarea Development Company, adds: “We all enjoy traveling, celebrating and spending time. The fact that some of us are physically disabled should not detract from our ability to have the same experiences and enjoy. Through “Right Hear”, we offer people with disabilities visiting the port of Caesarea to enjoy through close guidance”.