WalkInnIsrael, a self-guided hiking tour company founded by authorized Tour Guide Alon Galin, offers a portfolio of pre-made walking trails across regions of Israel. “I have worked in the tour guide industry for over 30 years and had the idea to launch WalkInnIsrael after traveling outside of the country and discovering the option to explore regions on a self-guided basis, a concept which works well.” Various packages feature trips for up to five days in the Upper Galilee, Sea of Galilee and the Jezreel Valley, and up to eight days in the Golan Heights and Carmel Nazareth Trail. Trekkers have the option to walk specific sections of the trail to suit their individual interests and preferences. “We are also expanding our trails to include five hiking opportunities in the Judean Hills and lowlands.”

Packages include accommodation at B&Bs and local inns, most of which cater for both breakfast and dinner, and luggage transportation between destinations is provided. “Part of the tour is meeting other people and enhancing the experience through social interaction,” says Galin. “We offer excellent lodging options with knowledgeable guest hosts who can provide local insight and first-hand stories about the region.”

Trails are designed to navigate hikers between accommodations, with a specially developed smartphone application, running with GPS, illustrating the route on a map. “This ensures that trekkers are able to identify their location at all times, and the app works without the need for Wifi.” It also identifies points of interest and offers explanations along the route. A battery pack is provided for the duration of the trip, as are contact numbers in case of emergency.

“We are popular among visitors from the States and parts of Europe, specifically those who are used to walking and enjoy this type of vacation,” says Galin. “We can also offer tailor made tours based on special interests.”

For bookings and inquires: www.walkinnisrael.com