For the first time in history, after 10 years of work by seven governmental bodies, the Old City of Jerusalem is accessible to people with movement disabilities. The Old City of Jerusalem and its walls are a UNESCO World Heritage site and the most visited place in the State of Israel with some 10 million yearly visitors. The new Old City accessibility aims to facilitate the crowded main streets and to enable wheelchair users (including strollers) and other mobility limited people to visit the holy sites of the city, based on the multiplicity uses of the area: commerce, pedestrians, carriages, vehicles, children and tourists – while adapting to the topographic and historical structure of the city streets to emergency vehicles and mobility aids. In total, some four kilometers of streets in the Muslim, Armenian and Christian quarters have been made accessible, and about 2 km of handholds were installed alongside staircases, which constitute about 60% of all public roads.

Visitors can now plan their way with a unique and free application called Accessible JLM-Old City (available in 8 languages) that enables real-time navigation between alleys and sites.

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