Naama Barak, writing in, lists ten reasons for visiting Tel Aviv in 2019. As Tel Aviv turns 110 this year, there are many great reasons to visit this hip, seaside city. There is its unique architecture, its history and the Eurovision of course. A visit to Tel Aviv is never complete without a visit to any of its numerous beaches. “All 13 of the city’s beaches are public and free, and offer a wide variety of seaside experiences,” Barak emphasizes.

At the top of the list really should be Tel Aviv’s cuisine. Unsurpassed in much of the world, Israel’s food scene is incredibly rich and diverse and must be seen and tasted to be believed. “Moroccan, Yemenite, Iraqi, French, Italian, Spanish, Georgian, Indian, Thai, Chinese –just name it, and you can enjoy it in Tel Aviv. From family-run joints to super-fancy chef restaurants, the city boasts dining experiences to suit all tastes and budgets,” says Barak.

Tel Aviv’s nightlife is definitely something to experience as is nearby Jaffa. Many tourists seek to escape the chilly climates of their countries and Tel Aviv is the perfect place to catch some rays, with sunshine nearly all year round.

The annual gay pride parade in Israel is testament to the freedoms that exist in Israel, especially compared to all the countries that surround it as well as all of those in the Middle East! Barak writes, Tel Aviv is a thoroughly gay-friendly city and is widely considered the LGBT capital of the Middle East.”

Last but not least, Israel’s markets are not to be missed. As Barak writes, “There are three main markets in the city: Carmel, Levinsky and Sarona. Carmel is probably the best-known. Situated in the city center, it boasts the usual selection of fruit and vegetables along with toys, household items and souvenirs. There are also some really great restaurants, juice shacks and food stalls around the market – just wander along and nibble as you go.” There is literally something for everyone here.