The first holiday village on the perfume route is launched and offers the establishment of a hotel, a conference center and tourist attractions, including a large garden to recreate the spice and perfume plants from the historical period. This, following the report, the plan was approved for deposit in the District Committee for Planning and Construction in the Southern District.

The plan initiated by the Israel Land Authority and in collaboration with the Middle Arava Regional Council, for the establishment of a center for tourism, research and development of the Paths of Perfumes, will cover an area of approximately 192 dunams west of the settlement of Hatzava – in the area known as the Paths of Perfumes and the Land of the Craters, which includes a number of unique heritage, landscape, culture and nature sites.

In addition, the plan offers a sustainable tourist development that balances between the preservation of the existing and new development – and includes, as mentioned, the establishment of a tourist center with a holiday village, a hotel and about 150 guest rooms in total, alongside a large garden to recreate the cultivation of spice and perfume plants, combined with a visitor center, and other elements that will emphasize the significance of the historical perfume route.

Along with tourist attractions, catering, parking lots and other tourist services planned for the site, a congress center will be built that will respond to the growing needs of R&D and agriculture, to the neighboring ‘Sheda’ school and for the benefit of the area.