The Jerusalem ramparts walk, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the sentry route at the top of the Jerusalem Walls, was built some 500 years ago by the magnificent Sultan Suleiman. The tour of the walls gives an aerial, rare, unique and exciting view of the views of the old and new city – a familiarity with a new angle with life inside and outside the walls, alongside a geographical and geopolitical understanding of some 5000 years of culture.

The ramparts walk is approximately 4 km long, is the boundary of the Old City and has seven gates. The walls of Jerusalem were built in layers, destroyed and built many times throughout history. The present wall is the last fortification system among those who have surrounded Jerusalem throughout the ages.

During the trip, you should also take a look at the promenade itself: In the top sentry route, hikers are combined with stones from buildings that stood in the area before the wall was built and stone engravings made during the 500 years that the wall glorifies Jerusalem. Also included in the boardwalk are various means and facilities such as guard rooms and towers and barriers, firing slits, assault and control balconies, stone decorations, combat cells and more.

The Jerusalem ramparts walk, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, follows the purple badge guidelines: Walking in most sections is suitable for one person and towers can be convened with a space between travelers.

Book tickets in advance at and wear a personal face mask.