With the publication of the traveler ranking results (June 30th, 2023), Magdala had been recognized by the TripAdvisor website as a leading attraction in the Middle East, and won the award for the best choice of travelers for 2023, in 10th place out of 25 in the region.

The Magdala site is included in the prestigious list of the preferred tourist sites in the Middle East, which includes, among others, Petra (#3) in Jordan and Burj Khalifa in Dubai (#4) and is ranked third among the attractions in Israel, after the Old City in Jerusalem which was ranked sixth (#6).

Magdala site continues to exceed expectations among travelers who identify it as one of their favorite places and made a big jump from the 17th ranking last year (2022) and the 25th position in 2019.

Maron Eduard Issa, CEO of Magdala stated, “It is an honor to receive this award. We are very proud of our wonderful team for investing in work with dedication, mission and a high sense of service and hospitality. We at Magdala offer our visitors and guests a comprehensive, meaningful and excellent experience. As we continue to expand the site alongside the hotel services, we strive and hope to continue to advance in the regional list. I would like to thank the many visitors who chose to praise us and give great reviews that give great satisfaction to the entire team and me”.

The Magdala Tourist Center, on the banks of the Sea of Galilee, is an archaeological site from the first century AD, which is considered the birthplace of Mary Magdalene. The site includes the most important find in Israel in the last 50 years, the ‘Magdala’ stone found in the best-preserved synagogue in the Galilee from the first century, among other significant finds. In 2019, the Magdala Hotel was opened, which includes 150 well-equipped rooms and suites. The site houses the spiritual center Duc In Altum, a beautiful building for prayer, concerts, reflection and mass celebrations with a spectacular view of the Sea of Galilee.