What To Do

Ayalon Institute Museum, next to Rehovot Science Park, was once a secret ammunition factory concealed as part of a kibbutz during the British rule in the 1940s. The factory produced over two million 9mm bullets between 1945 and 1948, used for Sten submachine guns which were the weapon of Palmach fighters. The factory was restored in the late 1980s to convert it into a museum for the public, and provides an audiovisual show, guided tours, and delegation house halls and rooms, and has space for events for up to 400 guests.

Advanced tour and group bookings are required.

Clore Garden of Science is an interactive outdoor science museum at the Weizmann Institute of Science, with over 10,000m² of green lawns and around 80 exhibits. Displays present the laws of physics, solar energy, water power and other natural elements, and the EcoSphere, an ecologicaland educational dome shaped facility, showcases the principles of ecology. The site, which has over 60,000 annual visitors, received the 1999 Award for Innovation from the Association of Science Technology Centers, in partnership with BBH Exhibits, Inc.

Guided tours are available.

Rafael Center is a spa offering a range of treatments including massages, such as Swedish, hot stone and Thai; cosmetics treatments, including facials and anti-cellulite sessions; and alternative medicine therapies of nutritional counselling and naturopathic treatments. The center also has a Turkish bath and a training center offering fitness classes including yoga, Pilates and Zumba.

Eran Shamir Village Museum in Mazkeret Batya was founded in 1987 as a site portraying the story of the Mazkeret Batya region and the architectural heritage of the area. The museum provides a short film, which introduces the stories of the founders, and displays items from the period including agricultural tools, toys, children’s books and clothing in order to showcase life in the village from 1883 onwards.

Advanced tour and group bookings are required.

Where To Stay
Hapina Shel Michal Boutique Hotel, located in Mazakeret Batya, is a 10 bedroom B&B offering various accommodation types, including family units. The European style property dates back to 1883 when it was owned by the founding family of the village, and was purchased in 2000 when it transferred ownership to Michal Benachar, who runs the boutique hotel alongside her grandmother. The property was restored and renovated in coordination with the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites.

“The hotel is warm and inviting, a very peaceful spot in which to unwind and enjoy the surroundings,” says Benachar. “I refer to it as romantic country style lodging – a quaint boutique hotel with a clean, simple design.” A kosher Israeli style breakfast buffet is provided and special packages are available, including for weddings. “We welcome visitors from all over the world who enjoy the unique experience and atmosphere of the hotel.”