These days, thousands of people from all over the world are registering for the international tourism exhibition, IMTM 2023 – International Mediterranean Tourism Market. As of this moment, approximately 20,000 visitors are expected to arrive at the Tel Aviv Expo complex between February 14-15, 2023. Ministers, ambassadors and officials from a variety of countries around the world are expected to participate in the exhibition.

The International Mediterranean Tourism Market (IMTM) 2023 will be held in Israel for the 29th time. Dozens of countries from around the world are expected at the exhibition, including: Morocco, Portugal, the Philippines, the Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Romania and more. As of this moment, about 20,000 visitors are expected to visit the exhibition, and dozens of ministers, ambassadors and officials from around the world are expected to take part. You can register for the exhibition at no cost with a quick and simple registration through the official website of IMTM 2023.

The IMTM exhibition is intended for all those involved in the various branches of tourism – domestic tourism, inbound tourism, as well as countries and tourism agencies from abroad. As every year, the exhibition is expected to be a colorful and joyful celebration in which desirable destinations will be revealed, impressive local and international pavilions will be presented. The exhibition includes meetings and interpersonal connections, lectures and conferences with professionals. In addition, there is a program for invited agents in which hundreds of decision makers from around the world come to meet Israel as a tourist destination. The countries exhibiting at the exhibition will be represented by national and regional tourist offices, convention centers, hotels, resorts, shipping companies, car rental companies, and a variety of airlines, agents, travel agencies, tourist destination management companies, trade associations, service providers and attractions of various types in the field of tourism from around the world. The exhibition, organized by “Ortra” Ltd. and Israel Travel News, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, will take place between the dates of February 14-15, 2023, at EXPO Tel Aviv. You can register free of charge with a quick and simple registration through the official website of IMTM 2023.

Eyal Shmueli, publisher and editor-in-chief of I.T.N.: “The international tourism exhibition has become a central focus of the tourism industry in Israel and in the world. This year, a number of interesting countries will take part in the exhibition, including: Morocco, Turkey, Azerbaijan and more. In addition, the exhibition will be attended by a number of ambassadors and officials who strengthen tourism in the Land of Israel and understand how important the exhibition is, a flagship event in the international tourism industry. The IMTM fair is being held this year for the 29th time and for us this is a significant achievement”.