The Red Sea resort of Eilat will offer 35 festivals and cultural events to the hundreds of thousands of tourists expected to arrive in Eilat during the five-month winter season. These tourists, who will arrive on 45 weekly flights from all over Europe, will be joined by millions of Israeli visitors to the resort over the winter season 2019/2020. These include, among others: electronic music, Greek music, underwater photography, graffiti and wine. 14 of the festivals will be produced through a tender of the Eilat Tourism Corporation and will be marketed worldwide by the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

Sara Salansky, senior director of the overseas department and marketing administration said, “The Israel Ministry of Tourism invests significantly in developing the tourism product in Eilat. Alongside the revolution in the numbers of foreign carriers flying into Eilat, we are marketing rich and varied events that will make the tourist’s stay even more enjoyable.”

Yossi Chen, CEO of the Eilat Tourism Corporation said, “Tens of millions of shekels will be invested in the new brand. We have built a rich and exciting mix of festivals and cultural events that emphasize the advantages of Eilat in the winter. No tourist will come to the resort… and be unable to find something to suit his personal taste. Not only a unique and enchanting natural pearl, Eilat will now offer visitors more international events and performances that will make their vacation unforgettable.”