404,486 overnight stays were registered this past May in Tel Aviv hotels: of which 289,730 were tourist nights and 114,756 Israeli overnight stays.

From an analysis conducted by Oren Drori, CEO of the Greater Tel Aviv Hotel Association, it appears that the numbers today are higher in absolute nominal values, even though the occupancy figures for the corresponding period in 2019 were higher.

Of the total number of overnight stays registered by tourists in Tel Aviv in the past month, they are from tourists from the USA – 35% which is 100,494 overnight stays; Europe – 44% which is 128,677 overnight stays, France with 8% which is 23,298 overnight stays, Great Britain with 7% which is 21,543 overnight stays and Germany 6% which is 16,488 overnight stays. From Asia there were a total of 17,566 overnight stays, from Africa another 4,196 and from Oceania 5,314 overnight stays.

From the beginning of the year (January) until now, tourists make up 68% of overnight stays in Greater Tel Aviv and Israelis 32%. During this period, a total of 1,734,530 million overnight stays were registered: 1,175,373 million tourists overnight stays and 559,158 Israeli overnight stays.

The highest number of overnight stays by tourists from the USA – 405,490 overnight stays. Next, tourists from Great Britain with 82,766 overnight stays, in third place tourists from Germany with 77,730 overnight stays, in fourth place tourists from France with 70,044 overnight stays, in fifth place tourists from Russia with 56,883 overnight stays and tourists from Italy with 42,666 overnight stays.

Drori adds that, from the CBS tourist arrivals report, the arrivals data indicate a clear recovery of two leading markets: the USA (an increase of 11% compared to the record year in 2019 in the cumulative data from January), the United Kingdom (data similar to 2019) and Brazil with an increase of (20%).