Simon Vincent, President of Europe, Africa and the Middle East at the Hilton Global Network, visited Israel together with Steve Cassidy, Senior Vice President responsible for Great Britain, Ireland and Israel at the Hilton Network. The two arrived at the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem hotel, Hilton’s luxury brand.

Avner On, General Manager of the Waldorf Astoria Israel, told Vincent and Cassidy about the Waldorf Astoria’s volunteering, donation and cooperation during the year with the Shalva organization, and the two decided to visit the Shalva Center in Jerusalem.

The management of the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem, the president and vice president of Hilton Worldwide met with the heads of the organization, Kalman Samuels, the president and founder of Shalva, and attorney Yochanan Samuels – CEO of Shalva, and were impressed by the place and the facilities and were moved by the meeting with the children.

After the visit, Simon Vincent  held a live broadcast from the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem and told the 700 hotel managers under his responsibility about the tour of Shalva and noted that the place inspired him, hope and pride for the blessed and important activity of the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem employees who contribute and work for an organization like Shalva.