With a considerable lag behind most countries in the world, the Israeli government is finally beginning to deal with the issue of opening the skies and applying an outline on the subject. Various proposals have been submitted or are under discussion, but they present a partial solution to the issue and most of them did not include, during the formulation, the professionals and companies that are actually responsible for taking Israeli citizens abroad and / or accompanying tourists in Israel.
After two months of work by the Foreign Tourism Rescue Headquarters, together with Adv. David Sprecher – an expert in aviation and tourism law and chairman of the Tourism and Aviation Law Committee of the Israel Bar Association – and in collaboration with Atid Tourism’s headquarters, an outline was submitted earlier this week. The first step in returning the tourism industry to activity.
The outline has significant advantages:1. Simplicity alongside aggravation; 2. Air traffic between Israel and the world without fickleness; 3. Reducing the risk of COVID-19 carriers while entering and / or infection in flight; 4. Stability and security for all concerned – citizens and tourists; 5. Relying on the recommendations of leading international bodies; 6. Accelerating the economy and saving the tourism industry.
The main points in the outline: 1. All countries of the world are indiscriminately equal in the color of the country of origin and / or destination; 2. All passengers are required to perform a preliminary PCR-RT test; 3. Use of a dedicated application for tracking and updating guidelines; 4. Responsible and orderly management of tourist groups; 5. Requirements for a comprehensive travel insurance policy; 6. Reciprocity between countries and cooperation through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The State of Israel is committed to formulating a responsible, permanent and comprehensive solution that will stop companies collapsing, lay off and allow us to return to work and fly passengers to and from Israel. This outline makes it possible – opening this or that airline or relying on the color of the countries is not a real solution and we do not intend to sit idly by. We must work to check every passenger, find a solution to insurance issues and initiate moves that will enable the return of the tourism industry to activity and increase the sense of security of the passengers”.