The Central Bureau of Statistics has published the data on the arrival of visitors to Israel in May 2023. 411.1 thousand visitor arrivals to Israel occurred during the month, of which 376.4 thousand were tourist arrivals and 34.7 thousand were day visitor arrivals (of which 23.3 thousand were cruise passenger arrivals).

Compared to similar periods, it can be seen that there is a recovery trend after the end of the Corona epidemic – only 262.7 thousand entrants in 2022 – but we have not yet reached the numbers before the epidemic: 465.7 thousand entrants in 2019.

In terms of the number of tourists who arrived in Israel, it can be seen that during the month of May 2023, 376.4 thousand tourists entered Israel, an increase compared to 249.2 thousand tourists in 2022, but still significantly lower than the period before the corona virus (2019) with 439.9 thousand tourists.

In the months of January-May 2023, 1.76 million visitor arrivals were recorded in aggregate (791.3 thousand in 2022, 2.03 million in 2019), of which 1.65 million were tourist arrivals. Of the tourist arrivals to Israel, 443 thousand were from the USA, 114.5 thousand were from France, 95.9 thousand were from Germany, 94.7 thousand were from Great Britain and 88.3 thousand were from Russia.