Caesarea was given awarded the ACTA Archeological and Cultural Award for the best foreign archeological site by GIST, Italy’s foremost tourism press agency.

The city, located in the north of Israel, was chosen based on the merits of its coastal harbor, underwater sites and various scientific and archeological studies taking place there.

The excavation and maintenance of Caesarea’s ancient port were made possible by the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation, chaired by Baroness Ariane de Rothschild, as well as the Caesarea Development Corporation.

These organizations worked in concert with Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority and the Israel Antiquities authority to restore the city’s ancient synagogue, the Roman aqueduct and other historic sites.

“Caesarea is an inspiration for our call to co-create the future”, said Baroness de Rothschild. “We go beyond just acknowledging human diversity. We engage in building a society that is strengthened by all its members, believes and tradition. This call is to improve our selves and pave to way for future generations. It is a call not only for sharing history but also to honor our responsibility”.

Michael Karsenti, CEO of the Caesarea Development Corporation added: “The recognition we receive time and time again from prestigious international groups such as GIST or NY TIMES fills us with Israeli pride and tremendous professional satisfaction. In recent years we have been in the midst of the ‘Caesarea Project’ for a significant upgrade of our tourist product. In addition to the opening of our innovative visitor center and the inauguration of the harbor vaults in the Caesarea National Park, the project also includes, among other things, works for the preservation and restoration of the ancient synagogue of Caesarea, the establishment of a spectacular coastal promenade, a walled promenade and the unveiling of the Crusader market, the restoration of the Roman aqueduct and the public exposure of rare mosaics”.