From September 6th – 13th 2023, the Canadians will travel the tiny country discovering how an exciting, unique Israeli cuisine developed from a wide range of influences. These include, most significantly the absorption of immigrants from around the world, especially Jews both pre- and post-World War II, and those with centuries-old connections to the land, as well as Christians, and the local indigenous population of Israeli Arabs.

The travellers will enjoy an itinerary overflowing with delicious highlights. Among them:

  • Tastings at award-winning wineries in the Zichron Yaakov region, carefully curated from Israel’s 300+ wineries;
  • Hands-on workshops with local Israeli chefs and culinary influencers, and other growers and food producers including “spice-ologists”;
  • Visiting popular restaurants throughout Israel, including Haifa’s LUXE, where the Canadians will connect with local foodie influencers;
  • Meeting with growers at ecological/sustainable farms, such as Makura Olive Pressers where orchards and vineyards abound with olives, lychees, a wide range of citrus fruits, and avocadoes;
  • Participating in cooking workshops with Druze chefs in villages of the Western Galilee
  • In vibrant Tel Aviv, beach time will compete with tasting tours of the famed Levinsky and Carmel Markets, led by local experts with many stories to share; partaking in a vegan culinary workshop with innovative Chef Harel Zakim at Zakaim; and hands-on learning about Israel’s creative food culture at Asif Culinary Institute, a non-profit organization and culinary centre;
  • Enjoying Sabbath dinner in the home of one of Israel’s top chefs, Nir Zook – recognized for both his dynamic television presence and innovations as a leading restauranteur.
  • In ancient Jerusalem, the group will visit the iconic open-air market, Machane Yehuda to meet its vendors and taste their wares; watch the world-famous kitchen of Machneyuda Restaurant in action; experience Café Shalva staffed by persons with developmental and physical disabilities; and enjoy tastings at local award-winning winery in the Judean Hills;
  • Floating and relaxing in the Dead Sea, a must following a week that is full-sensory and fully-immersive.

Given the Israel’s small size, this highly select group of Canadian culinary influencers will have the opportunity to explore the country’s historic sites and remarkable archaeology while meeting their inspiring Israeli culinary counterparts. Exchanging ideas and information, they will discover the differences, and more significantly, similarities of practising their craft in Canada and Israel – always the best way to understand, learn, and grow.

As their week in Israel winds down, these Canadian foodie influencers will travel home full, satisfied, and never wanting to hear the words, “Eat, eat” again!

The Canadian group is expected to include:

  1. Joel Solish – Never Not Eating / Foodie extraordinaire & promoter
  2. Elia Herrera – Chef/restaurateur/ & TV personality
  3. Dan Clapson – Visionary creator at Eat North/ food critic/cookbook author
  4. Romain Avril – Michelin-trained Chef/culinary influencer/entrepreneur
  5. Irene Matys – Cypriot-born chef/cookbook author/Culinary Influencer
  6. Rick Martharu – Entrepreneurially-charged Chef and culinary and lifestyle influencer
  7. Michele-June “Mijune” Pak – Supreme International culinary adventurer & Foodie / TV culinary personality
  8. Romain Rey – Foodie & videographer/cameraman/editor

SOURCE Israel Ministry of Tourism