“After the ongoing activity and pressure of the Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association demanding to establish a policy of entry of tourist groups from green countries to Israel in supervised capsules, we congratulate Prof. Grotto, who announced today that – by the end of the month, an outline for tourist groups will be published. This is huge and important news for many peripheral cities”.
Yossi Fattal, Director General of the Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association, who participated in the discussion and following the question he addressed to Prof. Itamar Grotto in the discussion, he announced the publication of the outline for tourists entering Israel from green countries, he said: “We welcome Prof. Grotto’s announcement that it is a lifeline for the economies of peripheral cities that are desperate for work and livelihoods.
“After weeks in which we, the organizers of incoming tourism to Israel, appealed to all government officials to open the skies to tourist groups from green countries, Prof. Grotto announced today in the State Audit Committee that by the end of the month an outline will be presented for tourist groups from green countries”.
“Detailed outlines prepared and promoted by the Ministry of Tourism and Minister Assaf Zamir will form the basis for tourist traffic from green countries that pose a lower risk than any ‘red’ Israeli walking the streets of the country”.
Fattal concluded: “This is an important start and we still have challenges in dealing with the countries from which the tourists came. We estimate that the awakening in incoming tourism will begin in the last quarter, as known after the Sukkot holiday. And more. In the coming days, we will convene working meetings with the Ministry of Tourism and Health”.