In an article titled, “The Reinvention of Jerusalem”, Condé Nast Traveler changes the common topic of sightseeing to the more unique subject of dining out.

Authors Lacy Morris and Betsy Blumenthal write, “Not too long ago, you’d make the trip to Jerusalem for a handful of reasons: to seek out monuments of faith, like the Western Wall or the Dome of the Rock; or to attend a distant relative’s bar mitzvah. You might even take home some overpriced hamsa keychains for friends and family. The city, one of the oldest continually inhabited metropolises in the world, just didn’t have the cachet of Tel Aviv or Eilat; it couldn’t offer visitors fusion cuisine, or hot hotel rooftop bars—until now.” The article explains that Jerusalem “has slowly managed to shift the conversation toward its restaurant and hotel scenes, thanks to serious upgrades in hospitality and service.”