An 800 year old tunnel has been discovered in Tiberias by the Israel Antiquities Authority, thought to have once served as an escape route between a Crusader fortress in Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee. More specifically, the tunnel, which spans seven meters, is believed to have been used by Crusader Knight Raymond III of Tripoli’s wife, Princess Eschiva, to flee during the siege in July 1877 by Muslim ruler Salah ad-Din. Exposed from one exit by the promenade of the Old City of Tiberias, the tunnel is constructed from carved basalt rocks. It was discovered by archaeologists during a program to rehabilitate, preserve and develop this section of the city. Located close to the site is the Karlin-Stolin synagogue, built in 1786, the tunnel forms part of a restoration project by the Government Tourism Company and the Municipality of Tiberias to rehabilitate and conserve its structure, and also introduce gardens to make it accessible to the public.