The Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA) is launching a new cities break product targeting millennials, from the end of May. “When we say ‘millennials,’ we refer to those born between 1980 and 2000, a younger generation who experienced the developments of new media in its infancy,” says Director of Incoming Tourism & International Relations for the JDA Eli Nahmias. “This segment is what we refer to as a global generation. They are well connected through digital means and seek a different travel experience from their counterparts.”

Encompassing a similar approach to the current city break packages offered in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the new product features discounts of up to 50 percent on a range of experiential activities across the city, including culinary tasting tours, pub crawls with local night life guides, a Segway tour, a free ticket to the Tower of David Night Spectacular, and other seasonal offerings.
The package also includes special rates on certain accommodations and a free dinner if staying in Jerusalem for at least three nights: “Products such as EatWith, (a platform offering host dining), and bed and breakfast hosts acting as tour guides, are gaining popularity, as they offer another layer of insight into specific regions and activities that involve personal interaction with locals,” explains Nahmias.

The Experience Jerusalem campaign rolls out across Europe from the end of May, with an objective to encourage people to experience Jerusalem on a personal level. The JDA is engaging with OTAs and OTOs to promote the package to clients, and will also conduct marketing through digital media. “The Jerusalem Development Authority is an innovative tourism engine in Israel and we believe our new product will act as a pioneer for the millennial tourism industry here, providing visitors with a freedom of choice they have not experienced before and paving a path for other regions to follow,” says Nahmias.