The first is the klezmer festival in Safed, followed by a festival in the Pina in Rosh Pina and at the end of the week a festival will open among the vineyards in the Upper Galilee.


After two years of a forced hiatus due to the COVID-19 virus, the 35th International Klezmer Festival will open tomorrow (Tuesday) in Safed and will include dozens of music performances and a variety of outdoor events, all in the open air and free of charge.


For the first time, the ‘Klezmer Trail’ will be activated in the alleys of the old city along which stages will be integrated where dozens of shows will be held every day and other points of interest with musicians, booths, street artists, authentic klezmer and more.


This year there will also be a special stage that will be dedicated to klezmer artists from the Commonwealth of Nations, another stage that will be called ‘The Safed Stage’ and will feature artists from the city combined with Safed storytellers and writers, local musicians and more. Among the artists who will perform on the opening day on the various stages will also be Idan Habib, Erez Lev Ari, Akiva, Rosenblatt Klezmer, Ita and Dov Zilberman, Pavel Levin and the Magic Violin, Yehoyachin Friedlander, Nectar Ensemble, Trio Gal Klein, Ira Goifeld, ‘Polkes’, Sania Kreuter, Trio Expression and many other vehicles. The festival will be closed on Thursday, August 11, the night of the 15th of April.


* On Wednesday, August 10, a festival in Pina will open for the first time in Rosh Pina, magical nights of music, art and cuisine. The festival will host creator and artisan fairs, live performances, creative workshops, breweries and food. Two highlight evenings: 10.8 – Jimbo J with the Spa band, 17.8 – the Hadeg Nahash band. In collaboration with Piss Stages.

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Photo credit:

Akiva credit photo Gilad Tadhar

Jimbo J Credit Photo Jordan Bader