Israel’s tourism industry is off to a great start. Last month saw an increase of 11% in tourist arrivals compared with January 2018. 285,600 tourists entered Israel, an increase of 11.3% compared with last January and a 35% increase compared to January 2017.

There were 250,200 arrivals of tourists by air in January, an increase of about 10% compared with January 2018, and an increase of about 32% compared to January 2017.

About 35,000 tourists entered the country via the land crossings. In January, some 36,000 day visitors entered Israel, compared with 16,000 in January last year and 12,000 in January 2017.

Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin: “The first month in 2019 continues the consistent record-breaking trend in incoming tourism to Israel that we have witnessed over the last two years. The encouraging statistics from the beginning of the year are a direct continuum of the innovative activities we have implemented in marketing and tourism infrastructure. The increase in the number of tourists over the years is proof of the quality of the Israeli tourism product. I hope and believe that 2019 will continue the unprecedented momentum in tourism that we have created in recent years.”