4Breanna Wilson, writing for Forbes, highlights Israel as among the top 13 most beautiful Autumn destinations.

Where: Northern Israel’s Mediterranean Coastline

Recommended by: Ross Belfer, founder of Xhibition PR and Eager Tourist

Why: “Possibly the last frontier of pristine Mediterranean beaches that are not overrun by tourists and built up with an uncompromising hospitality infrastructure. What makes this region so special is the fact that it’s both under-the-radar yet home to spectacular restaurants, wineries, hotels, cultural and natural sites that would appease the senses of the most discerning travelers.”

Pro Tip: “Check out the Malibu-like beaches of Beit Yanai, Michmoret and Arsuf, where massive sand bluffs jettison into the sky and collide with the glistening Mediterranean Sea. For surfers and water enthusiasts, the best time to explore Israel’s Mediterranean coast is the late fall or early winter months, when the temperature is pleasantly balmy while the rest of the northern hemisphere prepares for the winter chill.”