The IMTM opened in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism for the 29th year: 158 pavilions, over 750 exhibitors, more than 40 countries, dozens of senior officials and ambassadors. The VIP breakfast of the exhibition was attended by Minister of Tourism – Haim Katz, Ambassador of Turkey to Israel – Shakir Özkan Turunler, Minister of Tourism and Transport of Slovakia – Mr. Andj Dolzel, Michael Federman – Chairman of the Coordination Bureau of the Tourism Industry in Israel, Jimmy Zohar – Vice President of the Hotel Association.

The international tourism exhibition IMTM is intended for all those involved in the various branches of tourism – domestic tourism, inbound tourism as well as countries and tourism agencies from abroad. The exhibition is regularly attended by a wide variety of Israeli exhibitors: tourism associations from all over the country, airlines, hotels, car rental companies, companies shipping, service providers and attractions of various types in the field of tourism. The exhibition includes related professional meetings and conferences and a program for invited agents, in which hundreds of decision makers from around the world come to the fair who market Israel as a tourist destination.

This morning at the opening event of the exhibition, various senior officials were present in the industry, including the Minister of Tourism – Haim Katz, the Turkish Ambassador to Israel – Shakir Özken Turunler, the Minister of Transport of the Slovak Republic – Mr. Andaj Dolzel, the Director General of the Ministry of Tourism – Danny Shahar, Jimmy Zohar – the Vice President of the Hotel Association, Michael Federman – chairman of the Coordination Bureau of the Tourism Industry in Israel, Ms. Adv. Kirsika Lahto-Asikainen, Boaz Waxman, chairman of Ofir Tours, as well as Eyal Shmueli and Lior Gelfand, the entrepreneurs of the international tourism exhibition IMTM.