The International Tourism Exhibition – IMTM 2021 – will be held in Israel for the 27th year, and for the first time in a longer virtual format that will begin on February 9 and last until June 15, 2021. As part of the virtual exhibition, there will be interpersonal meetings between the participants, in order to create business connections within Israel, and Israeli connections with the countries of the world. In addition, there will be lectures on a variety of topics, the possibility of arranging interpersonal conversations with the participants and exposure to all the tourist sites, hotels and global airlines. The exhibition will be attended by business people from the world of tourism and travel, and in addition a ‘virtual showcase’ of the physical exhibition that will take place later – will be presented to the participants.
The second part of the IMTM exhibition will be physically and held between June 15-16, 2021, at the Tel Aviv Expo – Pavilion 2. Once acquaintances have been established between the participants in the virtual format – the business connections will be further enchanted in the physical exhibition. The exhibition is the main annual meeting point and the flagship event of the Israeli and international tourism industry, combining and bringing together Israeli tourists, colleagues and customers from abroad and the general public. More than 50 countries are expected to participate in the exhibition, and this year a variety of new countries and airlines will join.
The exhibition is organized by Ortra Ltd. and Israel Travel News, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and sponsored by the Israel Hotels Association, the Chamber of Inbound Tourism Organizers, the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Tourism Association, El Al and the Israel Travel Agents Association. The exhibition is intended for all those involved in the various tourism industries – domestic tourism, inbound tourism as well as countries and tourism entities from abroad. The exhibition regularly participates in a wide range of Israeli exhibitors: services and attractions of various kinds in the field of tourism. The exhibition includes meetings and accompanying professional conferences and a program for invited agents, as part of which hundreds of decision makers from around the world who market Israel as a tourist destination – are usual guests of the fair.
Eyal Shmueli, publisher of I.T.N and IMTM Exhibition Initiatives: “This year, the exhibition is a breath of fresh air for the industry. After many months in which the COVID-19 has destroyed most of the economy, and the tourism industry in particular, we look forward to an exhibition that will revive tourism in Israel, and the connection to international tourism. The integrated technology solution will allow participants to create business opportunities and prepare for the physical meeting in June. New countries are expected to arrive this year, a variety of innovations, attractions and new hotels that are eager to motivate tourism through the exhibition will be unveiled. IMTM is a significant factor in outbound and inbound tourism to Israel, and we are proud to host the exhibition in Israel for the 27th year, and to be a platform for the main collaborations between the various tourism and aviation bodies”.

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