Recent figures published by The Economic Department of the Israel Hotels Association have revealed a rise in the number of average tourist person-nights in Israel. August 2017 recorded 730,000 tourist person-nights, reflecting a 17 percent increase on the same month last year and a one percent rise on August 2015. Tel Aviv accounts for around 32 percent of this number and Jerusalem approximately 30 percent.

The national room occupancy rate stood at an average of 70 percent, a five percent increase from last August and a decrease of three percent on August 2015. Eilat recorded the highest occupancy at 86 percent, with Tel Aviv following at around 73 percent, the Dead Sea at 71 percent, Haifa with 70 percent, Netanya at 69 percent, Tiberias with 67 percent, Herzliya at 61 percent and Jerusalem and Nazareth with 55 percent. January-August amounted to a total of 6.8 million tourist person-nights across Israel, up 25 percent from the same period last year.

In August 2017, Israel had around 53,000 hotel rooms, which is two percent more than August 2016 and five percent more than August 2015.

January – September 2017 Incoming Statistics
According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, 2.5 million tourists entered Israel between January-September 2017, reflecting a 23 percent increase on the same period last year. The number of tourists arriving from the top ten countries also increased during this time frame: China (52 percent), Poland (50 percent), Russia (26 percent), Canada (25 percent), Germany (25 percent), Italy (24 percent), USA (18 percent), Ukraine (12 percent), United Kingdom (8 percent), and France (5 percent).