In a work meeting held by the association’s management with the Minister of Tourism, MK Orit Farkash HaCohen, together with top officials from the Ministry of Tourism, headed by Director General Amir Halevi, the minister announced that the association’s request to increase support for the 2000-2021 marketing fund, for the purpose of paying employees to maintain customer relationships abroad in office – has been approved.
According to the special budget approval, the operators of inbound tourism to Israel will receive support in the payment of wages, that work to retain customers and marketing in preparation for the opening of the Israeli sky. The support will be given until the end of the fund’s date – in March 2021. Support of the operators’ tourism marketing expenses has also been increased in previous years.
It was also agreed at the joint meeting, that the Minister and the ministry’s staff will work to publish an estimated date that tourist will be able to enter Israel. The members of the association urged the Minister to plan and create in the very near future, a campaign that will take advantage of the image of Israel has seen, when it has become the first in the world to vaccinate its citizens