Relations have blossomed since the US-brokered normalization agreement was signed in 2020, including the new joint campaign by the tourism ministries.

The tourism initiative was one of the steps agreed to at the Negev Summit which Israel hosted last March that involved the foreign ministers of Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco and the UAE, as well as US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

The tourism campaign is being managed in phases, with the first phase focusing on the North American tourism industry – with about 10 large travel agencies starting to market the 12-day tourism packages to Israel and the UAE.

“The Negev conference convened by Yair Lapid strengthened the relationship between the countries, and we are working to build many collaborations that will enrich the state coffers, drive the economy and generally do good for the citizens of Israel,” Israel’s Tourism Minister, Yoel Razvozov, said.