Initiating tourist attractions in the north in case of closing rivers: The Nature and Parks Authority and the Ministry of Tourism will establish joint working teams to promote tourism and establish promenades in the Hermon region

As part of a joint tour they conducted in the north, the director-general of the Tourism Ministry, Amir Halevi, and director of the Nature and Parks Authority Shaul Goldstein, decided to set up joint work teams to promote tourism and set up summer promenades in the Hermon region, in order to create attractive alternatives for trips in the event there is a necessity to close streams due to pollution.

They expressed hope that the rainy season and the approved government plan will not be closed this year due to pollution, and called on the Health Ministry to reexamine the pollution indices and adjust them so that the closure of streams will not be repeated.

The two bodies see the Hermon site and the nature reserve surrounding it as a major tourist anchor in the north, attracting about 400,000 visitors every year, especially during the winter months. The bodies believe that the nature reserve and the ski resort at its center have the potential to attract travelers even during the summer months, with pleasant weather for walks, spectacular scenery and unique blossoms. In the meantime, proposals are being made for the development of a campsite by the lower parking lot of the Hermon site, which is located near the exit to the Golan Trail, as well as bicycle riding routes.

This tour and the planned joint activity are part of a fruitful and ongoing cooperation between the Ministry of Tourism and the Nature and Parks Authority to promote tourism and promenades in Israel through a variety of joint projects throughout the country, and to identify additional development and attraction levers to the north.