Magic Kass is Israel’s largest indoor amusement park, nestled in the industrial zone of the West Bank settlement of Ma’ale Adumim. It opened its doors in September 2021, following two years of building in the area by the Kass Group and 500 million ILS ($145 million) in development costs while the country was still living with COVID-19 restrictions and tourists were largely barred.


The theme park location, Mishor Adumim — renamed Israel Park — was strategically selected for its proximity to Israel’s most populated city, the capital Jerusalem, and its relatively short distance from Modiin, Beit Shemesh, and other cities.


Over the summer months, Magic Kass says, it is attracting about 4,000 people a day from across Israel’s diverse communities. The place is so busy during the daytime hours that a night shift was added for equipment maintenance, safety checks, and cleaning.


Children and teenagers are, of course, Magic Kass’s target audience. The amusement park features heavily on social media networks popular with preteens and teens, with about 1.4 million likes and close to 100,000 followers on TikTok, a social network especially popular with the 12-17 age group. Magic Kass’s TikToks show the park in action, with videos shot at quirky angles that tout fun rides, and feature the park in other related content like memes and skits. Many of the TikToks have over 500,000 views and tons of comments.


These posts show rides, roller coasters, arcade games, soft play areas for younger ages, shows, and food (all kosher) across Magic Kass’s three stories on the 13,000-square-meter site.


Magic Kass also provides a rare space where Israel’s different communities mingle effortlessly, according to Mor Yosef. “We have visitors from every one of Israel’s different communities. Around 55% of our visitors come from within an hour’s travel to the park (from Jerusalem and the communities around them). But the remaining 45% of our guests travel from across the country, coming to us from everywhere, from Metula to Eilat,” he said.


The group ambitiously aims to complete development by 2024 and invest a further 500 million ILS ($145 million). In doing so, Kass Group intends to turn a nondescript part of Ma’ale Adumim into a destination that attracts millions of visitors a year.