1. After the arrival of Israelis to the World Cup games to be held in Qatar (with which Israel has no diplomatic relations) was confirmed, Issta Sport presents the packages for the World Cup that the fans will be able to purchase, who will enjoy exciting games along with a one-time opportunity to visit Qatar, which is one of the richest emirates

    This year’s World Cup is expected to be different from anything we have known, since the area of ​​Qatar is relatively small, which makes the games – in eight different stadiums – more accessible, more special, and ones that offer a unique sports atmosphere in the fan complexes that will be built in the small country.

    “For the first time in the history of the World Cup, sports fans will be able to enjoy several games on the same day, due to the small distance between the different stadiums, and in addition – enjoy a unique atmosphere in the FAN-ZONE, which will simultaneously host fans from 32 different countries. For Qatar, this will be a debut in the World Cup and we We expect that it will be interesting in this genre as well,” says Matan Peled, manager of the Prime and Projects department at Issta Sport.

    “Qatar combines traditional Arab culture with Western progress, it has skyscrapers, shopping malls and magnificent buildings alongside traditional markets. Those who want to ‘escape’ from the hustle and bustle of the city of Doha, can enjoy a trip to the nearby desert, ride camels, enjoy a safari ride along the dunes and see views breathtaking deserts. Also in terms of the weather, the months of November and December are characterized by a temperature of 20-25 degrees, which will allow for a particularly enjoyable tourist experience,” adds Peled.