Leading diplomats, business figures and international guests gathered at the Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel for the grand opening of FLAME Art of the Grill. For many of them, the event offered a special treat, the ability to savor some of the most iconic dishes cooked on an open fire from their own culinary tradition.

The restaurant – a collaboration between the Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel and the Nice to Meat You Group – introduces to Israel the art of open-flame cooking. In order to create its concept, co-founders Alon Aharonovitch, Dorian Coupit and Chef Ilya Goldmann set on a culinary journey to explore and absorb grilling techniques used across the globe, including in Argentina, United States and Japan.

Attendees at the event included Japanese Ambassador Mizushima Koichi, Kenyan Ambassador Samuel Thuita, Argentine Charge d’affaires Francisco F. Tropepi, and French Ambassador Designate Frederic Journes, as well as international and Israeli dignitaries and journalists.

Photo: Left to right: Kenyan Ambassador to Israel Samuel Thuita, European Union Ambassador to Israel Dimiter Tzantchev, French Ambassador-Designate to Israel Frederic Journes, Japanese Ambassador to Israel Mizushima Koichi, and Argentine Charge d’affaires Francisco F. Tropepi at FLAME Art of the Grill. (Credit: Yuri Skvirski)